Tune In Toolkit: Video and Audio

Day 1: Music in our lives

Activity 1: Music Helps Us Celebrate — Music Mural

“¡Olé! ¡Olé! ¡Olé! ¡Olé!”

Activity 2: Music Influences How We Feel — Soundtracks

Activity 3: Music Sells — Commercial Jingles

Three Jingles

Day 2: Creating our own music

Activity 1: Making Music with Our Bodies — Hambone

Activity 2: Making Music with a Group — Creating and Conducting Our Orchestra

Voice Orchestra with Kids

Activity 3: Making Music with Words — Writing Song Parody Lyrics

Vocal Warm Up

Activity 4: Making Music with Words — Writing Rap Lyrics

Day 3: Music makers and musical styles

Activity 1: Music Comes from Many People — Overcoming Obstacles

Activity 2: Music Comes in Many Styles — Move, Draw, and Write to Music

Different Musical Genres

Activity 3: Music Comes from Many People — Designing a Famous Musician’s Album Cover

Day 4: Connecting to each other with music

Activity 1: Music Is a Conversation — Call and Response Singing and Playing

Activity 2: Music Makes us Dance Together — Popular Group Dances

Activity 3: Music Lifts our Spirits — Music Experiment

Day 5: Changing our world with music

Activity 1: Music as a Time Capsule

Activity 2: Explore Voices and Songs of Social Change

Activity 3: Music for a Better World

Activity 4: Music for Inner Peace

Every day: Open Mic