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Start With a Book: Books and activities for summer reading and summer learning

Space Rangers! A book-based science adventure

Explore, read, play, invent, build and learn — all about space


Welcome to Space Rangers!

The best way to get kids learning is to build on their curiosity and interests. The Space Rangers program is kid-centered with an emphasis on inquiry and creativity.

A 5-day program: adapt it to fit your schedule!

We’ve designed the program to be user-friendly and adaptable. Use the materials each day for five days in a row, or once a week for five weeks (or any other way you like) to add hands-on learning to your summer programming.

Space Rangers Toolkit

The toolkit includes 5 topics for exploration through fiction and nonfiction books, hands-on activities, new vocabulary, and fun writing prompts. Each topic also includes recommendations for kid-friendly websites and apps. A space exploration timeline, a list of inventions from space, complete book and vocabulary lists, as well as printable name tags, journal covers, certificates, and Growing Readers tip sheets are included in the Appendix.

Note: Be sure to view and print from Adobe Reader (or an alternative PDF reader), not your web browser.

If you want to choose individual sections of the Space Rangers toolkit, just select any of the links below to download and print a PDF.


All of these resources are available in the Space Rangers toolkit, but we've made the PDFs available here for easy access and printing.