Space Rangers! A Book-Based Science Adventure

Our STEAM-focused summer and out-of-school-time program is all about stars, our solar system, and space exploration!

Where do stars come from? Why does the moon change shape? What is the solar system and why is the sun at its center? How big are all the planets? What is gravity, and is there gravity on the moon and the planets? What’s it like for astronauts to live and work in space?

Questions around space seem to be as infinite as the night sky itself! 

mosaic of kids doing space-related activities

Space Rangers gives kids a chance to learn more about space, the solar system, and space exploration through thoughtful and fun activities like making a foil night sky to study the refraction of stars, writing and illustrating an original constellation myth, putting on a planet puppet show about the solar system, creating a homemade lunar landscape, designing a moon mission patch, creating a Martian who could survive on Mars and more.

Space Rangers combines hands-on activities with great fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and picture book biographies — books such as Hidden Figures and Pluto Is Peeved: An Ex-Planet Searches for Answers — inspiring kids to learn all about the complex world in and beyond the night sky.

Our free, 5-day toolkit for educators, summer program leaders, and parents includes dozens of carefully chosen fiction and nonfiction books, hands-on activities, writing ideas, and apps and websites to deepen a child's learning plus tips on reading aloud and building fluency skills.

Join us … to explore, create, read, write, and learn — all about space.

Here's what kids will learn about, day by day

  • Day 1: Stars and Constellations
  • Day 2: The Solar System
  • Day 3: The Moon and Apollo II
  • Day 4: Mars: The Red Planet
  • Day 5: Space Exploration

A 5-day program that fits your schedule

Space Rangers is adaptable! Use the materials each day for five days in a row, or once a week for five weeks (or any other way you like) to add hands-on learning to your summer programming. The materials are designed for elementary-aged children, but can be adapted for older or younger kids.

Get your free Space Rangers toolkit

The toolkit includes 5 topics for exploration through fiction and nonfiction books, hands-on activities, new vocabulary, and fun writing prompts. Each topic also includes recommendations for kid-friendly — websites, apps, and video. A space exploration timeline, a list of inventions from space, complete book and vocabulary lists, as well as printable name tags, journal covers, certificates, and Growing Readers tip sheets are included in the Appendix.

Complete toolkit

Download and print the PDF.

Day by day

If you want to choose individual sections of the Space Rangers toolkit, just select any of the links below to download and print a PDF.