Music Murals and More!

This guest post was contributed by Kimberly Artis, at the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s (ARHA) Ruby Tucker Center. The Center adopted Start with a Book’s Tune In! music toolkit for their youth program this summer. ARHA provides affordable housing for low-income families in Alexandria, VA.

I Got the Rhythm cover

The children at the Ruby Tucker Center were very excited to start camp and we had a great time reading the books about music.

One of their favorite books was I Got The Rhythm. The children also enjoyed learning about how music is around them in their daily lives.

We were also able to view some one the videos on line and they children dance and sang along with the videos and the children actually knew some of the songs. The children also made their own interpretation of a music mural. Overall it was a very fun and exciting program for the children.

Colorful children's collage and drawings for a music mural

Here at the center, we would also play jazz and other calming music during their lunchtime and when we did other activities to create a soothing and relaxed environment for them. We found this to be very helpful for them.

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