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Madelyn Rosenberg

Madelyn Rosenberg

Madelyn Rosenberg is the author of eight books for children, including the Nanny X books and the How to Behave books. She lives with her family in Arlington, Virginia. Learn more about Madelyn at her official website.


August 11, 2016

A bunch of my teacher and librarian friends recently returned from a Reading Summit hosted by Scholastic. There, they spent a day talking about strategies to get kids excited about reading independently. Topics included the power of school libraries, how to give kids reading confidence, and ways for kids to share what they were reading with each other. There was much more, of course.

The discussion participants were reading experts, and it occurred to me that many of us are surrounded by reading experts, too. So I decided to host my own reading summit – at the kitchen table. The goal, I told my kids and husband, was just to figure out a few things that would get us excited about reading. What could we do that would get us reading more?

My daughter spent the last year slogging through a reading challenge at school. But this summer, she read plowed through book after book without being asked. Her suggestion as to what would get her excited about reading was fast and simple: Free choice.

Other suggestions from my family included:

Wrap up your summer reading and get set for the school year by hosting a reading summit of your own.

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